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The Eulogy

by Cakes Da Killa



The first lines we hear from Cakes Da Killa on his sophomore release, The Eulogy, are "Pockets stay on swole, peep the motherfucking cash flow, niggas pay my loans just to finger fuck my asshole". That's a real hard opening—rhetorically. As boasts, these lines are reminiscent of Hard Core era Lil Kim and monologues from Bad Girls Club cast members. There's an eloquence in the lack of fucks given. Dude puts it all out there over a beat that's a Pied Piper call for everyone that's ever googled instructional twerk videos, or participated in a "skin to win" contest. For those who feel that "ratchet" is not severe enough to describe your outlook on life, you have a new patron saint.

The Eulogy, is Cakes' coming out party—in the debutante sense—his full length debut, showcasing twelve songs of amped up, shit talking set to beats that would overtake the world of competitive cheerleading—if only, there weren't multiple, explicit descriptions of anal sex and facials. Guess we'll just have to wait 'til the pole olympics come back around to see sport set to these songs. While the beats are futuristic and the subject matter is newish to rap, Cakes rapping style is in line with a long history of rappers. From Cam'ron to Nicki Minaj, Cakes falls in line with deliberately punctuated, absurdist syllables and punchlines pulled from The Dozens Hall of Fame.

"Goodies" is a stand out track celebrating feeling yourself—not jerking off—but, looking good and knowing that everyone wants some of you. If you've never experienced this feeling, sorry, you're ugly. Thankfully, you have the internet, where everyone can pretend to be beautiful. Word to Catfish and that dude from Notre Dame. "Break Em Off" finds Cakes teaming up with Big Momma to go in over a Juke-ish track to shit on haters, ugly hoes, and bitches. If the world ever sees fit to make a West Side Story remake, set on the west side of Chicago, this song will find new life in a sure-to-be-riveting dance number.

What you're about to get into is twelve songs that combine the fury of trap music, EDM, bounce, juke, and club music with the opulent dismissal of a drag queen shutting down her fiercest rival at a ball. This is music for ass shaking, for fighting, for fucking. Cakes' The Eulogy is for motherfuckers who act like the world is theirs, and have no problem reminding everyone else of their plebeian status.


released January 29, 2013


all rights reserved



MishkaNYC New York, New York

A New York City fixture since 2003, Мишка (“Mishka,” or “bear cub” in Russian) clawed their own path through the often homogenous streetwear world, beginning humbly as a small t-shirt upstart and maturing into a full blown cut & sew powerhouse.

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